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The Grand Circle - Monument Valley

The Mittens

The Mittens
Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, UT - August 1999

We came to monument Valley, as do most I suspect, via Rt. 89 to Rt. 160. We'd come from the Grand Canyon that morning and made a pit stop in Kayenta where we caught a brief squall. After a ride to Kayenta down a road which did not live up to the colorful names of towns like Tuba City and Cow Springs you leave Kayenta, immediately climb up a rise and at the crest, Monument Valley spreads out before you as a wonderous foreign landscape even in this land where most vistas are foreign to Easterners.

This shot of The Mittens was taken from what is most likely the vantage point from which 99% of Mittens shots are taken - the overlook at the Navaho reservation.
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